Monday, October 29, 2007

Vote Faisal Gill!!! - Potomac News Endorses Faisal

The Potomac News has endorsed Faisal Gill, rejecting the bigots and the false arguments to give support to the candidate who is clearly better.

When you read this endorsement, note that it is full of REASONS why you should vote for Faisal. Contrast that with the Washington Post "endorsement" of Nichols, which said NOTHING good about Nichols, but simply attacked Gill because he was TOO HARD ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

FansOfFasail had this up already in the post Potomac News and Manassas Journal Messenger endorse Faisal Gill.

Excerpts from the Editors, "Vote Faisal Gill in the 51st District":

Republican Faisal Gill comes out the winner when we compare the two newcomers vying for the spot being vacated by Michele McQuigg in the 51st Virginia House of Delegates District. ...
He seems to have a strong grasp of the issues that face his district and definite ideas of how to deal with them.

Though we don't agree with every stand he takes, we think he has the best interest of his constituents at heart and that he will serve them faithfully. ...
As an immigrant himself, Gill, offers a rare perspective on immigration, and we think his immigrant experience gives him more authority on the issue of illegal immigration.
We think that Gill will be an effective, level-headed and creative legislator, and we hope members of the 51st District will vote for him on Nov. 6.
They used a lot of superlatives to describe Gill:
intelligent, good-humored, strong grasp of the issues, definite ideas, best interest of his constituents, serve them faithfully, solid plan of action, rare perspective on immigration, effective, level-headed and creative legislator
They also had some harsh words for his opponent:
However, [Paul Nichols'] misleading fliers about Gill show that when it comes to politics he has no qualms about crossing the ethical line.

That is not somebody we want as a delegate.
Especially nice was that the editors agreed with my position regarding Gill's law firm and it's work to help people immigrate legally:

Despite all the misinformation about his law practice and its supposed protection of illegal immigrants, Gill does have a solid plan of action when it comes to the issue, including a plan to hold employers accountable for hiring illegal immigrants.

People under threat of legal deportation often do need law advice and advocacy. Gill should not be penalized just because his law practice is willing to offer that.

We don't agree with the draconian idea of handing out felonies to all businesses which hire illegal immigrants, as Gill does, but we think holding them accountable is the way to go.

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