Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Lying Democratic Candidate -- Chris Brown

You know you've messed up when your opponent offers to send your mailers to the voters, but Chris Brown's mailers are so bad that Jeff Frederick has offered to do exactly that:
Many of you have mentioned to me or my staff that you aren't getting mail from Chris Brown. I don't know if it is because you've inadvertently discarded it with junk mail, or if you just aren't on his mail list. Either way, if you haven't seen it, I wanted to provide you with just one example of the misinformation he is spreading.
If you're only getting our mail, and thus, only seeing our reaction to something you have no idea what the object is of that reaction, then feel free to let me know, and if you'd like, we'll be happy to share Chris Brown's negative mail with you.Then you can decide who is being more honest and keeping things respectful (he referred to me in one mailer as a "highway robber").

I don't know if the Potomac News has bothered to write this one up yet, but Chris Brown has a whopper of a false advertisement against Jeff here.

In fact, it has multiple obvious errors in addition to the general misinformed message.

Here is the ad:

Here's the claim: "Jeff Frederick is an active member of an organization that supports a new 34% sales tax that would lead to HIGHER TAXES ON EVERYTHING".

The first problem is simple absurdity. A new 34% tax? So now it would be 39% sales tax? Even the flat value added tax isn't proposed to be that high, and that replaces the income tax. What they MEANT to lie about was a "34% tax INCREASE", not a "new 34% tax". So my first message is, if you are going to lie, at least get the lie right.

The second problem is a simple referencing problem. They give a web site reference:

Problem is, that page doesn't exist. In fact, I've checked just about every permutation of numbers I could think of that they could have messed up, and can't find a page that matches.

Where's Raising Kaine and that Dr. from South Carolina to tell the Washington Post how we've hit a new low because a candidate is providing a web reference that doesn't even exist? Silence is very telling, isn't it?

Which leads to the 3rd question -- who is this group that is advocating a 34% sales tax? Apparently, it's the Club for Growth. Except that the Club For Growth opposes sales taxes. Since Chris Brown's mailer doesn't give a name, and since the web reference is invalid, it's really impossible to tell, which I guess is meant to make it harder to verify that his claim is a lie.

Which brings us to the big whopper of a lie -- that Jeff Frederick would ever be supporting a sales tax increase on "everything". Jeff Frederick could be "accused" of many things, but supporting tax increases? Chris Brown of course has pushed tax increases, but projection is hardly a good thing in a candidate.

Of course, with Chris Brown I could have chosen any number of mailers and done the same analysis. In one he claims Jeff has done nothing about Illegal Immigration. In another he said Jeff voted for the Abuser Fees, which is absurd as Jeff actually voted against the entire house bill, even BEFORE Tim Kaine restricted the fees to Virginians.

So that's a 3rd Prince William race in which the Democratic Party delegate has run a blatantly false mailer. Is it something they teach them over at the DPVA (I note this mailer is actually done by the Democratic Party of Virginia)?


Anonymous said...

I got a mailer, two of them. Both had the same crap, and you are right, the web reference is invalid.

However, I dislike both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans were the ones who created and passed the abusive driver fees in the first place, via Congressman Tom Davis (R) among others. Though the Democrats are being stupid and flat-out lying, I think voting independant would be better. I find it surprising a Republican would vote against the fees when his own colleague authorized it.

Charles said...

Believe it. A couple of good republicans opposed the bill. My delegate was one of them, and Jeff Frederick was another.

Anonymous said...

I am suprised the guy that won his seat calling Jack Rollison, "Sales tax Jack" would cry about a mailer. Please tell Mr. Frederick has more more to say than "liar, liar, pants on fire"