Thursday, October 11, 2007

RK: Defending Child Abuse

Lowell at RK is defending child abuse. That is, the abuse of children by the Democrats to try to score political points. In his breathlessly-named post
"I'm registering Independent tomorrow.", Lowell finds somebody somewhere who has fallen for the democrat's deceptions and claims to be switching to an independent.

If you look at the site, you'll see that his following is already the rabid left, and many are surprised to learn he's still a republican -- so I'm guessing this "conversion" isn't much of one, except maybe he never bothered to change his registration.

The part though I want to highlight is this, from Lowell:

What did Graeme do? Well, he had the audacity to ask President Bush to sign the children's health (SCHIP) bill. Thanks to SCHIP, Graeme "was able to get the medical care he needed after a serious car accident caused severe brain trauma, paralyzed one of his vocal chords and put him in a coma." Here's what Graeme had to say:

The implication is that Graeme had a message. But he didn't. The speech Graeme gave wasn't his, it was written for him by a Democratic Senate Staffer. Doesn't mean it didn't reflect what he believed, doesn't mean the kid didn't agree with it -- but it wasn't his words. It was a Senate speech, delivered by a 12-year-old so that if anybody fought the program, they could be attacked like what is happening now, for "going after a 12-year-old".

Now, it is true that there are comments on the internet that attack this child, and they are deplorable. Commenters are unregulated and say nasty things about just about everybody, and they exist on the left and right.

But the argument being made against the Frosts has NEVER been directed at the child. Nobody in a position of authority has said ONE BAD WORD about Graeme or his sister. Nobody is TALKING ABOUT THE 12-YEAR-OLD.

We are TRYING to talk about the SCHIP program. It's not our fault the Democrats drug some kid and his family into the conversation. We know WHY they did it, because they can't defend their policies, so they use emotion to try to smear anybody who disagrees with them. But it's the Democrat's fault.

And let's look at what the Democratic Leadership said through the kid's speech that they wrote:

My parents work really hard and always make sure my sister and I have everything we need, but the hospital bills were huge. We got the help we needed because we had health insurance for us through the CHIP program.

Well, that's not really true now, is it? The kids needed health insurance, and neither parent made sure they had it. But you know what? Even though the parents FAILED to provide what the children needed (health insurance), a Republican-created program, SCHIP, was there to pick up the slack for them.

And you know what else? The President requested a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR increase in this successful program, the program which is it's current form made up for this family's lack of planning for a medical emergency. And if the Democrats had passed the bill that Bush requested, this family would STILL BE COVERED. They were well within the bounds of the existing program.

Most of us on the right are arguing that the FROSTS are the perfect poster child for the President's position. They were covered under the existing rules, and the only reason they are NOT COVERED TODAY is that the Democrats are using them as hostages, human shields to try to blackmail the President into signing the bill, or more representatives to vote for the bill.

If the Democrats wanted to be intellectually honest, they at least could have found some family that currently did NOT qualify for SCHIP, but needed it, rather than a family who already benefited from the existing program and just needed the Democrats to re-authorize it.

If we had a Republican majority in the house, this family, and millions like it, would be covered TODAY by a functional SCHIP program. But because the Democrats are in charge, those families are at risk, because of the Democrats attempts to socialize medicine and pay for it on the backs of poor people who just want to smoke a cigarette.

So when Lowell says:

Despite Graeme's powerful plea, President Bush ended up heartlessly vetoing the children's health care bill, absurdly claiming that it was too expensive, even though it was only a tiny fraction of the cost of even one year of the Iraq war. Now, Congress is working to override the veto, and we'll definitely be watching to see which Virginia Republicans vote with Bush and against children on this one.

Remember that Bush WANTED to give Graeme his SCHIP program, but the Democrats refused. As to "absurd claims", the absurdity is the Democrat's new position that if we have to spend money on the Iraq war, they should get to spend the same amount of money, and more, on a host of new programs.

Because the fact is, IF YOU WANTED to increase our already bloated spending by another 35 billion dollars, and tax the poor smokers to do it, there are a dozen other programs which would be of greater benefit to society than providing SCHIP money to adults and upper-middle-class wage-earners.

Because we already spend a lot more on programs like SCHIP, Medicare, and the like than we do on the Iraq war.

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