Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lowell shills for Rishell, poorly

Meanwhile, the RK folks are doing their best to pollute the blogosphere with false spin, in the hopes people will continue to be fooled into voting for Democrats. The liberals are very good at this game -- they have to be, because they've got nothing to offer in the way of a positive message.

So Lowell picks up on Rishell's "he's being mean to me" theme, in the post Why is Jackson Miller So Angry?:

It's not often you see a candidate act this angry on camera. Usually, they try to be smooth and polished...but not Del. Jackson Miller (R-50). Why is Del. Miller so angry at Democratic challenger Jeannette Rishell? Any psychologists in the house?

Oh, I know!! pick me!! pick me!!

Could it be because Jeanette Rishell has been lying about him repeatedly?

What do I win?

Actually, watch the video, Miller is polished, and forceful, and it is clear he has a righteous anger over the false claims and attacks. But it isn't an "angry speech", not anything like a typical James Webb diatribe, for example.

I was going to add that I guess the democrats don't understand being angry at people lying about them, because they are usually on the giving end of the lies, not the receiving end. But then I remembered they compete in primaries.

I've noticed a lot of democrats with Miller signs in their yards. I don't think Lowell can save this one.

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