Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Angry Left practices projection

Since the 2000 election, the "progressive" element of this country has been perpetually angry. No matter what happened, they were mad about it.

I would understand a bit of dissappointment, since they had lost power, but the bitterness and raw hatred poisoned the political discourse in this country.

One would have thought 2006's election wins would have made them a bit happier, but no, they are still running around screaming their hate-filled rhetoric, and now they even target other democrats for not moving quick enough on this or that.

So I got a real kick out of an article at Raising Kaine today which asked "why is the angry right so angry?" I know a lot of conservatives. Some of them are angry -- at other republicans for turning their back on conservative principles. But mostly they are upbeat people. I'd hardly call them the "angry right".

But apparently a poster at the Angry Kos can't figure out the source of this non-existant anger, and somewhat at Raising Anger picked it up:

Has anyone noticed lately that the right is seething? I mean more than normal, they're absolutely furious these days, in general, at everything it seems, and I have no idea what it is they're so pissed about half the time. Any guesses?

Maybe there's mad about being called angry by people who are the poster-children for "the angry man".

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