Saturday, October 27, 2007

ACKKK!!!! Another Progressive Blog publishes candidates' kids pictures

Not content at the havok already wreaked by progressives posting pictures, Raising Kaine's own Lowell has continued the travesty, publishing a picture of Chap Petersen's wife AND children, ON THEIR blog.

So now, everybody who hates Raising Kaine will call Chap's kids and ask why their pictures were used by Lowell. They will be harassed at school, his wife will be hounded in the supermarket.

At least Lowell didn't tell us that Chap named his child after Hitler's wife.

Chap should have a press conference outside Lowell's office. Does Lowell have an office? Does he have a job :->?

On a more serious note, Lowell says:

Also, the DC Examiner has a pretty good article up, quoting Prof. Larry Sabato calling JMDD's actions "a venial sin."

So even Lowell recognizes that the mailer was a simple mistake, a quite forgivable "sin" for which no real penance is required. Or maybe he doesn't understand what Larry was saying. Lowell ignored when Larry said of Rex Simmon's attacks on Hugo "somewhere between ludicrous and desperate."

I'll take "venial sin" over "ludicrous and desperate" any day.

At some point, the news media has to stop pandering to these mental cases on the left. We all can see how fake their outrage is (or should be).

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Elise said...

It's about time our political candidates started addressing how they're going to promote and themselves observe Internet Safety topics....lots of local material at .