Sunday, October 28, 2007

James Martin can't POSSIBLY really think minorities are this stupid

James Martin, over at Raising Kaine, is trying to convince us that Jeannemarie is suppressing the minority vote because one of her volunteers took election-day door hangers and accidentally used them today (oh, to give Lowell credit, he ALSO joins in on the fun):

It gets worse and worse...see here and here for more on JMDD's minority voter deception tactics. Sadly, it's not surprising, given that this woman's been willing to pull a "Willie Horton" in the past. So much for the image of the Davises as "moderate" in any way; to the contrary, they're just like the Bushes. - promoted by Lowell)

Her campaign is telling minority voters that today is election day. Ben has the details.

Yep, if we are to believe Lowell and James in this post, minorities in Northern Virginia are so stupid that, finding a door hanger telling them today is election day, and asking them to vote for Davis, will believe today is election today, will go vote, will find no polling places open, and will then not show up to vote on the actual election day.

But even though James and Lowell are progressives, I don't believe they really hold minorities in such low regard. So it's clear they are just faking it, hoping that some of thier white progressive readers DO think minorities are so stupid that they will believe this attack.

One day minorities will wake up and realise that the party they support holds them in very low regard.

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Anonymous said...

The idiots on the left are no longer called progressives, they are now the 'regressives', and they prove it every day.