Friday, October 12, 2007

The Virginian: Using Human Shields is the Work of Cowards

I've been talking this story because it disgusts me how the Democrats have demagogued the SCHIP program, how they've exploited a 12-year-old boy and tried to stifle any adult discussion.

Now I find that another Virginian blogger has done an excellent piece on the subject -- and I didn't even know this blog existed. It's "The Virginian", and the blog entry is "Using human shields is the work of cowards. The S-CHIP Controversy":

Using human shields is the work of cowards.

This is true whether it’s Islamofascists hiding behind civilians to carry out attacks on American troops, knowing that our rules of engagement forbid firing into non-combatants, or people who use women and children as cannon fodder to advance their own political ends.

Nevertheless, the urge to do so seems to be irresistible to the Left.

The author took an interesting tact, searching for Democrat's buzzwords like "for the children", or the joke headline "women and children hardest hit", finding MILLIONS of google hits for each.

He brings up one of the left's poster children, this one actually an adult, Cindy Sheehan. I wrote about her a couple of time, and received a lot of criticism from the left for it. But now it's OK to attack her because she turned against the Democrats. As The Virginian says:

As Maureen Dowd infamously described it, some people are awarded “absolute moral authority.” Unfortunately for Mo Dowd, she was describing Cindy Sheehan when she was being portrayed as “Mother Sheehan” by the Kossaks and the “Netroots” on the Left – a distraught mother of a slain soldier – who could do or say anything without fear of contradiction because of her status. That, of course was before Ms. Sheehan was exposed as a deranged supporter of Venezuelan “President” Hugo Chavez and a fellow traveller of the group that is camping out in Nancy Pelosi’s front yard. We don’t hear much from the Dowd crowd about “Mother Sheehan’s” “absolute moral authority” since she began attacking the icons of the Left from the vastness of the fever swamps.

I like how he uses a lot of links to stories to back up his post.

He discusses many of the Democrat's human shields, including many that I've mentioned in my previous posts. Then he gets to Graeme:

And today we have human shield Graeme Frost, push into the limelight by an unholy combination of parents and politician to be the poster child for creating a middle class health care entitlement for people earning as much as $80,000 per year.And people, who try to report the facts about the Frosts, people like Michelle Malkin, are vilified as “stalkers” by cretins who publish the wish that she should be shot.

(Richmond Democrat, note that last reference, in case you really are thinking only republicans are guilty of e-mail attacks).

Anyway, catch his post.

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