Saturday, October 13, 2007

Democrat Candidate uses office in attempt to effect election

This isn't the first time that Democrat Paul Ebert has done this. During the Republican primary for the 51st district a couple of years ago, he filed trumped-up charges against one candidate, in order to help his long-time friend (who I believe had NOTHING to do with it). After the election, the charges were dropped.

Now here we are a couple of weeks before the election, and Democrat Paul Ebert has threatened to "appoint a special prosecuter" to look into a government mailer from an elected official advertising a government meeting where a public vote is expected. From the Journal Messenger:

Prince William Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert has questions about a mailer Supervisor Chairman Corey A. Stewart sent out this week. "It doesn't smell good,"

Stop sniffing the glue then.

Corey gets it exactly right:

Stewart said Ebert, who is a Democrat, is politically motivated.

Stewart said he had questions that he would ask the U.S. Department of Justice.

"I'm going to ask whether or not it's lawful for the county prosecutor to try to intimidate an elected official for doing his official duties by using the threat of a prosecution," Stewart said. "I think that's disgusting."

I hate doing this, since I can't read what Greg wrote about this, so of course I can't ENDORSE his comments, but given his headline I imagine he's got a good statement, so against my better judgment, you can check out what he said in The Teapot Tempest.

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