Saturday, October 27, 2007

7 years later, and STILL this is what they focus on?

Howling Latina posts about the number one derangement that afflicts the progressive psyche -- namely, that Al Gore won the 2000 election. This obsession with a false narrative permeates the thought of so many who you might otherwise suspect are normal, healthy people. HL uses it to attack Holtzam-Vogel:

Any voter who cares about the integrity and character of their public servants should steer clear of Republican Jill Holtzman Vogel's "spark and command of state issues" that were so critical in stealing the 2000 election for Bush-Cheney even though Al Gore won.

Let's remember history. At NO time in 2000 was Al Gore EVER in posession of enough votes to win the election. Despite the Democrat's best effort at suppressing votes in the panhandle (with the help of their polling friends and news buddies), Despite the Democrats best effort at manufacuturing votes through a selective recount which targeted heavily Democratic counties and established never-before-used rules to count a host of normally unusable ballots, Despite the Democrats hard work to disqualify largely-Republican military ballots, at the time counting was stopped, Gore was still behind, and by many accounts was falling FARTHER behind based on the state-wide recount (which I remember sitting and watching on TV).

HL shows the danger of thinking people dismissing "Bush Derangement Syndrome". Many suggest that since Bush will be gone in a year, people should be allowed their BDS. But we can see that BDS transfers to others, and that it's pretty much "Republican Derangement Syndrome" at this time.

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