Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dems don't even see what they did wrong with the Frosts

The Democrats are STILL talking about how the "republicans" (defined as any comment by someone on a conservative blog) are attacking a "child", as if that's the story. Which it isn't, even the most vitriolic quotes posted from the blogs attacks the PARENTS, not the child.

But they just don't understand how disgusting it was for the elected Democratic Leadership (not some blogger wannabee in his basement) to write a speech for a 12-year-old boy to deliver on NATIONAL RADIO. No, that seems perfectly natural to them, to send a boy out to fight their battles for them.

I refuse to take blame for every statement of every person who might vote for people I support. Sorry. If the Democrats had to take credit for every comment and every post at every liberal blog, they'd be sitting in their own basements blogging, because they'd all lose their jobs.

But the simple fact is that in a nation of 300 million people, there are a surprising number of people who say things that most of us find abhorent. The "blog" "redstate" is known to be such a place, it is one of many "offensive" sites blocked by many major employers (along with DailyKos and Democratic Underground, for comparison).

Still, I'll say this -- the Frost family is a perfect example of why we DO NOT NEED TO EXPAND SCHIP. They were covered perfectly by the existing program, and the Democrats should stop holding them hostage and send the bill that Bush submitted, so he can sign it and the Frosts can have their medical care back.

BTW, nobody is "attacking" the Frost family for being a working family. Some of us think it's fine they get government assistance, others don't.

Anyway, if the Democrats think trotting out 12-year-olds who are covered under the existing program will convince republicans to change their votes on expansion of the program far beyond anything necessary, they are mistaken.

And if they think playing the victim card over their own hypocritical and disgusting use of a 12-year-old is going to make a difference, they are also mistaken. Someone has to send the message to the Democrats loud and clear -- stop hiding behind widows and children. Come out into the light and argue your point, if you have one. Don't send a boy to do your job for you.

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