Friday, October 12, 2007

Hillary Clinton illustrates liberal hypocrisy.

Remember when Bush put a couple of still shots related to 9/11 in a campaign ad in 2004? Remember how all the democrats screamed about how horrible that was, how nobody should EVER make 9/11 political, how they would NEVER do such a crass thing?

Here is what Hillary said:

"The President has said in the past that he would do nothing that would politicize this terrible tragedy," Mrs. Clinton was quoted as saying in the Daily News on March 6, 2004, shortly after Mr. Bush’s ads were released. "I hope that they would be more sensitive going forward."

Well, now Hillary Clinton is running for President. And 9/11 is a pretty good selling point. So, she has made ads -- which include pictures of firefighters at the WTC, and a picture of Hillary. In her ad, the announcer says:

"She stood by ground zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives, and kept standing until this administration took action,"

Now, I think that's OK. I didn't criticize Bush, and I'm not criticising Hillary. But where are all the Democrats who thought this was so bad? I hear crickets.

Remember, the issue isn't that Hillary is using 9/11 images. It's that Hillary did so after arguing that doing so was evil. When people who say something is evil then do it, you have to question their hypcrisy.

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