Saturday, October 13, 2007

Turkey Bombs Iraq in response to Democratic Attacks

Turkey is an ally, but the Democrats launched an attack against them this week. The Turks have now retaliated, shelling an Iraqi village.

Oh, I'm sorry, let me explain. This is a test of my new "Liberal Blogger" AI program (that's Artificial Idiocy, not Artificial Intelligence).

I'm thinking about switching to the "progressive" philosophy, because it's a lot easier and more fun. You don't have to check facts, if anybody argues with you you can call them a racist, a bigot, or worse, and you can attack anybody you want and nobody calls you on it.

In this case, since the Democrats did something stupid in condemning another country for something that happened 90 years ago, my LBAI function determined that anything bad done by Turkey can be blamed on the Democrats, for at least the next month.


Gastón said...

I think it's stupid to believed that can be justified one military attack what is in response of a political resolution of what happened 90 years ago... not only stupid but also very immoral.

Liberal Blogger AI Response Program said...

I can't believe you called our allies the Turkish People stupid and immoral.

Is there no limit to the depths that the democratic party will sink, in order to prop up their failed philosophy?

First you force our good friends to bomb Iraq, and then you blame THEM for it by questioning their intelligence and morality?

Shame on you.