Sunday, October 28, 2007

Chap Petersen misleads Examiner

Chap, not satisfied with the Washington Post's balanced coverage of the non-story of his public information being made public (why doesn't Chap trust his constituents?), got another shot in the New Jersey Examiner, but didn't fair much better, even though he did his best to deceive those readers as well:

"It was unsettling to see our home address, home number and our daughters' names circled with red arrows," said Petersen,

The mailer does not circle his "home address", his "home number", or his "daughter's names" with a red arrow, or even a red circle. Anybody reading this will think that there is a red circle with an arrow around each child's name, drawing attention to it.

But the fact is, the thing that has drawn attention to his information on the flier is his PUBLICIZING that the information is on the flier, after Ben Tribbet did the same thing online.

As noted in the article:

Davis said her opponent has already sent out a mailer that contained pictures of his children along with their names. She also pointed out that the disclosure forms are public documents and available on the Internet. Petersen's campaign Web site, she added, also lists his home address and his home number is listed in residential phone books.

Chap gave a reason for his whining, to explain why the same information he has disclosed is BAD when his opponent does it:

"It's one thing to advertise that information, but it is outrageous to do it in an attack that says I am a bad guy and incites people against me."

Remember, Chap is a Democrat. With Democrats, pointing out what they have done, or quoting what they say, is a negative attack that incites peolple against them.

The article has the Larry Sabato quote that Ben Tribbet hashed up so bad:

University of Virginia political expert Larry Sabato said the mailer went too far, but doubted the issue would "effect the election."

"I don't blame anyone in the public eye being upset at having the home address and phone number listed," Sabato said. "As a rule, candidates and campaigns ought to stick to official numbers and addresses. This is a venial sin instead of a mortal sin."

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