Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Plea to Pelosi: Pass SCHIP TOMORROW, For the Children

Now that the Democrat's absurd new medical program for the middle class has lost (barely), I have a plea to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:


Stop blackmailing people. If you bring up the original SCHIP program tomorrow, it will pass overwhelmingly, and Bush would sign it the next day. We could have the program up and running again before the weekend.

But the Democrats have no plan to do this. Heck, liberal bloggers like Lowell are upset that they didn't hold off the veto vote longer. Democrats are saying they have an "election issue" (remember, the issue isn't until NEXT NOVEMBER).

So what, are the democrats going to cut the Frosts and Wilkersons off from necessary insurance for a whole year, just to trick people into voting for them?

Come on, for once, Democrats, actually DO SOMETHING for your constituents. Bush proposed a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR INCREASE in this program. If you think that is too little to fund the existing program, propose a number, and back it up with evidence. Bush has said he'll listen.

Stop the demagoging, STOP THE LYING, pass the SCHIP bill and send it to the President. You thought the republicans were so scared they'd vote for ANYTHING, but we proved you wrong. Someone in Washington still cares about the taxpayers. So get off your butts, STOP making "campaign issues", and DO YOUR JOB. Re-authorise the republican SCHIP program.

"It's for the Children". (not the children that are running the House, the actual children who you are scaring and holding hostage).

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