Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lowell Feld praises illegals for slave wages cutting prices

Oh, did anybody catch RaisingKaine's Lowell Feld praising the ability of illegal immigrants to "cut the cost of services?" Yep, the same lefty who supports increasing the minimum wage that legal residents can work for is now praising illegal immigrants for undercutting those legal workers and depressing wages:

Just in case you missed this, it turns out that "When Immigration Goes Up, Prices Go Down." Not only that, in a finding that conservatives will certainly cheer (of course they will - ha!), immigrants -- legal or not -- "force markets to run more efficiently, and thereby make cheaper prices available for all." That's right, immigrants lower inflation and make markets work better. Sounds like a conservative dream-come-true. Oh, but wait, there's some guy speaking Spanish at Lowe's; deport the bastards!!! *snark*

Republicans oppose minimum wage increases because they make markets less efficient and hurt poor citizens that mostly vote democrat, and Lowell SUPPORTS minimum wage increase. Republicans oppose illegal immigrants because they undercut the wages of legal residents and hurt poor citizens that mostly vote democrat, and Lowell SUPPORTS illegals working for slave wages.

And Lowell IS the voice of the "progressive" democratic party. And for some reason poor people still vote democrat, even when the "progressives" take the poor people's health insurance away to hold them hostage to get a tax on poor smokers and to buy the votes of richer people.

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