Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dems "Phony Charge" letter on E-bay up to $2,000,200

A couple of weeks ago, Media Matters misled it's readers, falsely claiming Rush Limbaugh had called all soldiers to oppose the war "Phony Soldiers". By the next day, it was clear he was talking about Jesse Macbeth and other people who lied about their military service. By Friday, everybody knew the real story.

That should have been the end of that story. But for some bizarre reason, on Monday Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made a floor speech attacking a private citizen, Rush Limbaugh, from the floor of the Senate, repeating the lies first circulated by Media Matters.

Worse, he then produce an official letter, signed already by himself, Chuck Schumer, and two other Democratic Senate Leaders, repeating the lies about Rush Limbaugh and calling for the Clear Channel company to force him to apologize. Read the letter here : Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

That letter was then signed by a total of 41 idiots in the Senate who ignored the truth AND the proper job of an elected official. That included our own James Webb.

In addition to lying about Rush, the letter repeated a lie that James Webb told in the Democratic Response to the State of the Union address, a lie I covered in this post, Webb's Misleading State of the Union Address. Specifically, in the letter the Democrats state the following:

A December 2006 poll conducted by the Military Times found just 35 percent of service members approved of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq, compared to 42 percent who disapproved. From this figure alone, it is clear that Mr. Limbaugh's insult is directed at thousands of American Service Members.

As I noted last January, and explained in a letter I sent to Senator James Webb, that is a false interpretation of the poll, which can be found HERE. Webb in January, and the Senate Democrats now, falsely claim that the 42% who disapproved of Bush's handling all opposed the war itself. But in fact, many of those who disapproved were upset because they thought we needed MORE troops. In other words, they supported the war, just not the limited way Bush was fighting.

The relevant quote from the survey:

Almost half of those responding think we need more troops in Iraq than we have there now. A surprising 13 percent said we should have no troops there.

So around 38% , about the same as approved of Bush, thought we had the right number of troops. Only 13% opposed the war (saying we should have no troops there). Webb used this to claim we should oppose the surge, even though almost half the troops WANTED more soldiers on the ground.

The Democrats didn't need to lie about this poll -- nobody is arguing that there are thousands of soldiers who personally oppose the war, but are still doing their duty admirably. They also didn't need to lie about Rush Limbaugh "attacking" those troops, when he was defending them by calling out a phony soldier who falsely accused the soldiers of war crimes. They also didn't need to misuse their position as elected leaders to use the power of the government to try to scare a company into censoring a private citizen.

Who knows why they lied about the poll, lied about Rush, and broke their contitutional oaths. Who knows why 41 senators took the unprecedented step of calling out a private citizen from the floor of the senate where they were protected from being prosecuted for their slander.

Rush put their letter on E-bay, auctioning it off for charity. The current bid is $2,000,200. All for the children of slain troops. Rush has promised to match the final bid, and has called on each of the 41 signatories to match the final bid as well, to prove that they actually care about the troops, and aren't just using this as a political ploy.

Let's see how many of them will take him up on the offer. My guess is we shouldn't expect it.

Oh, and while the Democrats are falsely attacking Rush for something he didn't say, they are supporting their own Pete Stark, who said of our troops today from the house floor:

"But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

You are going to spend it to blow up innocent people -- that's Stark's comment on what our war spending is about. And WHO is blowing up innocent people? The people we fund, our own troops. He also said the President sent our troops to get THEIR heads blown off for his amusement, which is a dispicable statement that unfortunately many "progressive democrats" will accept as truth, because they are deranged.

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