Monday, October 15, 2007

Liberal Blog attacks disabled pundit

(NOTE: This is another occasional posting by my "Liberal Bloger AI" (Artificial Idiocy) program.

Today, LBAI has detected a liberal blogger attacking a disabled pundit. A person with a disability has absolute moral authority, and to make fun of them in any way is one of the worst things a person can do.

So imagine the shock when Mosquito Blog, a well-known liberal blog and indicative of the mainstream of Democratic thought, found it funny to post a Youtube video which, in addition to the cardinal sin of calling a black man and a white women "tokens", and making fun of a Jewish person, made disparaging comments to a man who is confined to a wheelchair.

In the video posted at Mosquito Blog here, The disabled man's picture is displayed while a cheezy title is placed over him which says "Scary Lipless NeoClown".

As it if isn't hard enough being trapped in a wheelchair, the Democratic Party apparently thinks being "lipless" is something to laugh at. I expect the mainstream media to begin the public flogging of the Democratic Party leadership at any time, since the audacity of a blogger who clearly is intwined with the party to launch such a viscious attack on one of our less-fortunate citizens is shameful and must be punished.

LBAIP (Liberal Blogger AI Program)


Mosquito said...

Once again the main points are missed and something is brought up to detract from the issues. Bravo....maybe the Republican party should get rid of the Elephant and use an octopus for it's logo....all that ink muddying up the water so no sensible discussion can take place.

There was no intent on Mosquito Blog to blast anyone for having a disability...I have worked with to many disabled people to do something like that; and no, I don't park in handicapped spaces either (unless I'm transporting someone in a wheel chair.)

I encourage folks to follow the link look at the movie that was highlighted and realize that once again the major points of discussion have trashcanned.

Two Conservatives you ought to apply for a job at Fox'd fit in perfectly there.


Charles said...

Thanks for visiting the site. I'm sure people followed the link to get the whole story.

I should note that the video was NOT your video, so at best you could be faulted for thinking it was funny, not for the actual claims of the video. I was also writing in the "progressive style", so my comments about you representing the entire party were tongue-in-cheak.

LBAI was noting that if you say anything bad about a person with a disability, you are evil. That's because LBAI is programmed to use progressive logic.

While that was not YOUR point, it was my point. I figured you made YOUR point, such as it was, in your blog. My point was that if you were a conservative attacking a liberal position in the way that video did, the progressive blogs would be attacking you visciously for going after blacks, women, Jews, and disabled people.