Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is Marks really psychotic, or delusional? You decide.

This was really funny. James Young writes a scathing attack on Jimmy Carter, saying:

Give the peanut farmer some credit: he knows from whence he speaks.

In other news, Bill Clinton calls Pope "a liar."

It was a brilliantly understated jab, a much more elegant way of saying "takes one to know one". Because Carter truly was a disaster.

Anyway, JM wrote about this. When I first read what he wrote, I assumed he was being deliberately obtuse, because JM's not know to be a stupid person (I can read the headline now -- "Gill Supporter says I'm Not Stupid"). JM attacked Carter viciously, and expressed shock that James Young would ever think Carter would "know" anything:

Yet Gill supporter Young seems to be something of a RINO himself. I doubt that Paul Nichols would ever praise Jimmy Carter the way Gill supporter James Young did today:
As I said, Jimmy Carter was the worst president of my lifetime. He gave a televised speech in 1979 in which he complained of a "national malaise." He then announced that he was firing half of his cabinet.

James decided to step up the attack, chiding JM for missing the point, and even "helpfully" explaining it in small words so JM could understand, in his post "Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark: Certified Moron":

Yesterday, I noted Jimmy Carter's smear of Dick Cheney as "a disaster," implying --- but not saying outright --- that as the most spectacularly disastrous President of the 20th Century, Carter speaks knowledgeably about the subject of "disaster."

Apparently, I was too subtle for racist Gill-hater, and Democrat, Mark.

Mark uses partial and incomplete quotation to misrepresent my comment as "praise" for Jimmy Carter. In so doing, Mark cements his credentials as a certifiable moron.

I expected JM would now spring his own trap, explaining that he obviously knew what Young meant. But inexplicably, JM admitted he was clueless:

[Update III: Young now claims that his praise for Carter was "too subtle" and was not praise at all. Young faults me for not keeping up with his daily drivel sufficiently to appreciate his self-perceived subtle wit.]

First, given that JM is the one who READ Young's blog and wrote the post, it's funny for him to now claim it would be beneath him to do so. Further, remembering that Jame's new post is called "Psychotic Racist Jonathan Mark", it's hard to explain THIS update JM put up:

Update II: Young has now outdone himself. He removed the reference to me being a "racist psychotic," which is unfortunate. But he replaced it with even more extravagant praise for me: "racist Gill-hater, and Democrat, Mark...a certifiable moron."]

Apparently James had repeated himself from his title to his text, and decided to vary the text. Somehow JM was unable to see the title and thought Young had withdrawn the reference.

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James Young said...

Thanks, Charles. "Brilliantly understated." I'll take that.