Monday, October 22, 2007

I missed meeting John again, maybe...

I was first hoping to meet Jonathan Marks at Faisal Gill's kickoff campaign back in March. JM had put together a large demonstration, and I was there because Greg Lettiecq had asked if any of his readers could go take pictures and record the event.

Alas, JM and the protesters got lost somewhere, so I didn't get to meet him.

Well, tonight I was going to go to the HSM citizens meeting. I knew it would be a packed crowd, but figured I could shoe-horn in. I figured I'd put in a brief appearance at the Republican committee meeting, and head on over. It sounded like JM was going to be there. But if he was, I probably wouldn't see him through the masses anyway.

Well, it turns out I was so tired that I couldn't bring myself to drive from McCoart to the HSM meeting. I am sorry I didn't make it, because from what I hear it was well-attended by our republican candidates, including Jeff Frederick, Faisal Gill, and Chris Royce.

And apparently, if I had shown up, I would have been able to see JM, because from what I hear, the crowd was somewhat less than what you might expect. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, if it was hard for candidates to make time for this event, it had to be hard for HSM members to clear their schedules at the last minute.

If I had shown up, I would have asked Paul Nichols this question: "Nothing on your firm's web site tells me, so I have to ask you -- how does your firm screen your clients to ensure that none of them are illegal immigrants?"

After all, Paul Nichols seems to think that illegal immigrants don't deserve legal representation, and that being a partner in a firm that represents illegal immigrants would disqualify him from consideration for the position.

Therefore, I have to assume they have some way to make sure they don't represent them. Paul Nichols must never have had any "family law" practice involving an illegal family, no adoption issues, no marital difficulties, no child placement or other family issues. And his other partners and junior law members have certainly never defended an illegal on a drunk driving charge, or petty theft, or larceny, or assault, or even (gasp) a deportation hearing.

But we all know how hard it is to tell if someone is here illegally, so I'd love to know what Paul does to figure that out. He must have a questionaire, ask them for legal papers, etc. Maybe we could take Paul's firm's process and apply it to employers hiring illegals.

My guess is that the Nichol's law firm does NOT discriminate against illegal immigrants in representation. My guess is they don't ask, don't tell, and are happy to take their money and get them off on criminal and civil matters. After all, that's what lawyers do -- represent people.

But certainly Greg Letiecq wouldn't express support for a lawyer that works for a firm that doesn't ensure they don't represent illegals, right?

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