Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stewart Wins: Illegal Immigration Resolution Passes Unanimously

For those who say Corey can't get the job done and is divisive, the board just passed the funding for the illegal immigration resolution by UNANIMOUS VOTE.

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mom said...

Oh please, they did nothing more than throw Greg a bone to chew on in the weeks leading to the election. He'll tout it as a victory, accept the BOCS word at face value and then stand with a shocked look on his face when they reverse course or withold funding the programs. As to Corey being divisive or not, that's not really the question, the question is whether he is capable of accomplishing anything other than appearing as an arrogant, short-sighted boob.

Look, I supported both he and Stirrup despite misgivings about their ability to accomplish anything so long as they had to rely in part on Maureen and Marty. They have proven nearly ineffective and unable to control wishy washy Wally.

On the "plus" side of the ledger they have and toothless rezoning resolution that wasn't adhered to, an equally toothless illegal immigrant resolutions and a bunch of sound bites.

On the "negative" side of the ledger they have continued development despite the resolution, outstanding issues on parks and proffers, no fixes to the transportation/infrastructure mess, tacit support of NVTA taxes (I say tacit as Corey could have killed it had he had the guts) all combined with a relatively negative image derived from posturing and pandering, particularly last night.

In thirty years of on and off GOP activism, I have occasionally thought about throwing a GOP candidate under the bus. Given their recent reprehensible behavior and ineffectiveness I believe I have finally come to the point where I will actually do it, and God knows I have enough dirt and documentation on both of them. Although we may still share the same views in the broad political spectrum, local governance is particularly requisite of pragmatism, full disclosure, fiscal responsibility and ethics, none of which they have recently exhibited.