Thursday, September 28, 2006

John McCain: I have a Friend in the Senate

and his name is George Allen.

"And one of the reasons we will prevail is because of George Allen's leadership, vision, courage, and his ability to stand up for what he believes in."


Anonymous said...

If any parent has a question about the language used by James Webb. Check out these books and find a reason he used such filthy language. Couldn't he find 'better' words or did he love the language he used.
Fields of Fire
Something to die for
A country such as this

All may be available at the local libary. One or all will show that this man should never be in a position of authority.

Anonymous said...

Man, charles, you must be getting paid the big bucks!!!

Charles said...

I'm about to pick up a copy of all 6 books by Webb from the PWCounty Library.

I'll read his non-fiction first.

I've got one book on tape, I don't know if he reads his book or they hired someone.

I read Kerry's Tour of Duty, it's what made me believe the Swift Boat people had a point.

Other Anon. Oddly, I don't get paid for this at all. I have no idea WHY I do it.

I happen to like McCain, even if I don't like some of his positions on issues.

Citizen Tom said...

Even though I have little use for John McCain, I like this ad. On the other hand, I have less use for the ad that attacks Webb decades old comments on women attending the military academies.

I prefer it when Allen sticks to the issues. Allen has been in public office for years. When the other side attacks his character, he does not need to stoop to personal attack on his opponent. Instead, he should point his own record of public service.

Allen does not have to prove his character. He needs to stay on message and demand a debate on the issues.