Tuesday, September 12, 2006

When Webbies Attack

I just picked NLS because it's a good place to hear from what some consider the more sane people on the Webb team. But as I predicted a short time ago, Senator Lambert is already being attacked, often by anonymous commenters.

But I'll have to say they've actually been pretty good there. Over at Raising Kaine, they've decided to pretend this didn't happen, but I imagine they'll get their talking points eventually

The truth is, Lambert supports Allen because he knows that Allen is good for the African-American community, and he obviously doesn't buy the lie that Allen is a racist, having known and worked with him for years.

Obviously, they don't agree on a lot of policy. But with real endorsements, that's not what matters, unlike fake endorsements of dead people.

Anyway, Here's a few things I grabbed to show how it goes with the left:

Then there are the "substantive" attacks on his character (and to be fair, some of these were refuted by other posters, it's only some posters going on the attack):

  • Over the course of several weeks in 2003, this candidate repeatedly refused requests by citizens in the candidate's own state, leaders of both major political parties, major news organizations and Project Vote Smart staff to provide voters with essential issue information in the 2003 National Political Awareness Test.
    This candidate would not provide this information to citizens in the candidate's own state - no matter who asked them, when they were asked or how they were asked.
  • Its all about the Benjamins, in this case Lambert's pet project is money for schools. Its nice to know that Democrats too can be bought off for the right price. Thank you Benny Lambert, for having no more principles then the all-mighty dollar.
  • I don't really care about what Benny Lambert thinks, he's a democrat supporting a republican who's been shown to be somewhat of a racist, and it would appear he did it for some money for schools...

And of course, the questioning of his personal/political motives as well:

  • I don't know if it's as much support for Allen as opposition to Webb, Roanoker. Remember, Lambert also endorsed Harris Miller. What does Lambert have against Jim Webb?
  • One word:Revenge Two more words:Donald McEachin
  • A little bit of history. In 2003 McEachin a friend of Wilders was going to primary Lambert because he did not support the Richmond strong mayor form of government. It caused a division in the black democratic community in Richmond. Now that McEachin is supporting Webb, with Wilder following shortly and the likelyhood that McEachin will primary Lambert in 2007 he has made a political calculation to support Allen.

Some though decided to just go for Allen instead:


tj said...

very old trick. pull inflammatory quotes that GOP writers intentionally post anonymously on various blogs and attribute it to "vile" Democrats.

so old and phony but we get what Wadhams is trying to do.

Virginia Centrist said...

What about that post where someone claimed that Lambert had a noose in his office?