Friday, September 08, 2006

Democrats Hypocritical and Prescient

With all the comparisons between the Democrats attacks against ABC with the acts of the RNC against CBS for the Reagan miniseries, it's helpful to remember what the democrats said at the time about THAT incident. Fortunately, Powerline has it in the archives:

"CBS has decided to pull its miniseries about Ronald Reagan after a Republican National Committee-organized campaign complaining that it didn't lionize their favorite president enough.

"CBS's decision is — to put it mildly — disturbing. Essentially the network has given the ruling party veto power over the content it puts on the air.

"No, there are no First Amendment violations here. The RNC protested the content of a program, which is its right, and CBS voluntarily pulled that program off the air, which is its right.

"But the decision makes it very easy to imagine a future where representatives for the Bush administration have the power to disapprove of any content that touches politics, policy, or history — including news programs."

Now the democrats are trying to do the same thing against ABC. Except they aren't just protesting the content -- they are using their power as elected representatives to disapprove of content that touches politics.

In other words, three years ago they acknowledged that the RNC approach was appropriate -- protesting content. But they objected because of a fear that elected officials would take it too far. And now, here they are, fulfilling their own prophesy, taking it too far, rather than taking the appropriate action of publicising their complaints and simply protesting the show.

It is shocking that ANY blogger regardless of their position on politics OR this show, could support elected government officials using the threat of government intervention to attempt to control the political content of a broadcast TV show.

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