Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where's Webb's plan to combat terrorism?

A commenter objected to my previous post about Webb's Hardball appearance, saying that terrorism was obviously covered in Webb's issue regarding "reorienting our national defense".

I responded in the comments, but in doing so I decided to promote the issue up here.

So, I ask you, Where's terrorism in Webb's own issues page?

I searched for the characters "terror" in his entire issues section. THere are THREE references:
  1. Terrorism and Iraq were separate issues, until George Bush incorrectly and unwisely linked them
  2. First, it was a diversion from, not a response to, the war against international terrorism.
  3. This would give us the ability to contain the terrorist threat within Iraq without continuing our occupation.

That's it. Not one word about FIGHTING terrorism.

"Protect" is only there once, and its "protect our values".

"Security" is there 6 times, not ONCE in regard to dealing with our security:

  1. speech on national security
  2. National security policy under the Bush-Cheney Administration
  3. and homeland security is being neglected
  4. Iraq is in a crisis that we must address now in order to make progress on all other security matters.
  5. ... the border security solution.
  6. There is a consensus that our border security must...

In other words, there is nothing in his entire issues section about how to protect our country against terrorist attack in a post 9/11 world. BTW, 9/11 isn't in their, neither is "attack". Oh, and defend isn't either.

I've saved off a copy, in case Lowell figures this out and changes it.

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Tom said...

I think everyone can agree that Webb does NOT have a plan to combat terrorism. He does not seem to understand that the people we are now fighting are members of Al Qaeda. Didn't we swear to destory them before? What has changed since then and now when we are fighting them?

I have a question for both candidates, however. What about Hugo Chavez? I want the United States to STOP importing his oil. We do not need his oil. What we need to do is teach him a lesson about coming to America and insulting our country and our president. We do not oil from a ruler that harbors terrorists and then comes to America and insults us on our own soil. We MUST act. I'm sure Webb will ignore his comments, but I am looking for Allen's common sense approach to this. We need to respond to Chavez and his denouncements of America.