Sunday, October 01, 2006

Allen To Make Major Address on Issues Monday

It seems Allen is going to do something Perot-esque in his Senate race, buying 2 minutes of time on 4 major TV stations on Monday at 7:58 PM to discuss the issues important to Virginians in the Senate campaign.

Perot of course was famous for his 30-minute info-mercials about issues; Allen isn't doing that. But it sounds like it's just going to be Allen talking, not a glitzy TV-spot.

Here's some excerpts from the announcement:


On Monday evening, Senator Allen will be giving a major address to Virginians on statewide television. This two-minute talk will be a defining moment in this campaign. In the days to come, you will hear Senator Allen, Susan Allen and thousands of concerned Virginians reminding Virginia voters of what is important in deciding their vote:

Democrats know when this race is about his record, issues, and ideas George Allen wins. That's why they are attacking him and attacking him fiercely.

Senator Allen believes Virginians deserve to have this campaign focused on the issues and the differences between his views and record of performance and those of James Webb. So, he is going to bring this campaign back to where it belongs.

Here are the stations and approximate viewing times tomorrow evening:

NOVA: WRC-TV 7:58pm

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