Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ben Tribbet has Jumped The Shark

I've removed NLS from my blog list, and asked him to remove me from his. I took this action after these three posts:
Allen's Lightning Bolts - Where Ben posts some Nazi pictures and notes that Allen once had some supporters who used a lightning bolt on their shirt. If using a lightning bolt means you are Nazi, I'm supposing the people at Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative have some explaining to do. Oh, and he also falsely accused Allen supporters of booing the mention of Jews at the debate Monday: "I was at a debate where Allen supporters started booing Jews".

It was that comment that prompted me to request being removed from Ben's blog roll. I've been hard on Ben here, but I haven't personally accused him of being anti-semitic, and I've always referenced actual things he did, and provided my opinions about them.

Ben knows why the people booed at the debate -- and further, there were no "Jews" there to boo.

IN fact, the only people that "booed" a Jew on monday, were the Webb supporters who booed Allen -- who Ben notes, is a Jew.

Then in a hysterical response to a silly post at the A-team in RESPONSE to his absurd "lightning bolt" post, Ben asked "Is this a threat against me?" claimed that the A-team was out to get him, because, as we all know, he is Jewish. In nonsensical fashion, Ben says:

The A-Team blog has just published 1930s era Nazi cartoons that are designed to incite violence against Jews, and then personally attacked me by name. The author also knows I am Jewish.
I don't see any way this can be seen other than a personal threat against me.

For the record, as Ben well knows, the post he references compared a 30-era's Nazi cartoon to the anti-Miller cartoon put out by the Webb team, to suggest that the Webb camp had long used anti-semitic overtones. I personally don't see the similarities as being exact enough to suggest a copy, and doubt the Webb team had seen this Nazi poster before, but to claim it was a personal threat was ludicrous.

Then (and I guess it's hard to blame Ben for this since Salon is the leftwing magazine that wasted it's time to bring us this tidbit), Ben slaps on the "Allen said the N*** word." (he used a few dozen exclamation points).

Ben references a Salon report about Allen's COLLEGE days, where they interviewed a few former classmates, most of which said Allen was a great guy with no racist bone in his body, but a few anonymous democrat supporters who remembered him saying bad things about blacks. I'm not saying anything about the veracity of the story at this time, because it's stupid. It's not like these are decorated military people willing to come out publicly and testify to actual suffering caused by the candidate for real comments made that he still hasn't disavowed (like Webb with his anti-women comments).

Now, I suppose to someone finding out somebody used the n-word 25 years ago while goofing with his buddies might actually sway them. But of course, Ben didn't tell us this was from his college days. He simply included the story link in 40-point type, and threw up a bunch of toupees.

The reason this is an issue is that people trust Ben as an astute analyzer of politics. When he throws up toupees, it usually is taken to mean there is a real story somewhere of importance.

But all he gives us is that a couple people remember Allen using the n-word in college last century, and an Allen support group used a lightning bolt patch.

Sorry Ben, but I've had it with your pretense at being a credible blog. Note I didn't even bother to criticize you for spending an entire entry attacking Wolf for his vote against earmark legislation, without once mentioning that he voted with the DEMOCRAT MINORITY because he supported tougher legislation. I suppose Feder would have voted AGAINST Nancy Pelosi on this one? Politics make strange bedfellows, but when the opposition party uses your votes with them on an issue against you in a political campaign, is it any wonder we can't get anybody to compromise or work together anymore?

I've pretty much had it with this crap. I've never really like the internet, and it's time what's gong on is exposed to the nation. DailyKos, RaisingKaine, and a lot of other blogs have gotten away with murder because they operate under the radar of the common man. It's got to stop, because it's poisoning our political process and tearing our country apart.

Why can't Webb run on issues? Is he so bad that the only way he can win is if they attack Allen's mother, call his grandfather a Nazi Collaborator, dig up words he may or may not have used three decades ago, mock ethnic Republicans, and call his supporters anti-semitic and racist?

I guess so. Another week has gone by, and still nobody is talking about anything Webb will actually DO if he is elected.


Kevin said...

I'm sure that Ben will miss the two hits you give him per week.

Charles has jumped the shark for defending someone using the N-word.

Charles said...

You think Webb never used an inappropriate racial slur while in the military?

Hey, do you think Webb never called women "thunder thighs"? that's not just some accusation pulled out of thin air decades later, it's actually written down and published.

And if you look at my blog, you'll see I never hyped THAT story either. It's stupid to go after what people said before they graduated college. Heck, Robery Byrd was in the KKK until his 40s, and we believe he has "reformed", even though HE used the n-word two years ago.

BTW, isn't it a bit odd that Salon couldn't find a black teammate who would come out and say Allen was a racist, only a white democrat activist?

When the military women came forward, it wasn't to accuse Webb of making statements -- his statements were in his own PUBLISHED WRITINGS. They were simply telling how his words HURT THEM at school. But again, I didn't use THAT in my blog, because it's still about something from decades ago.

That Webb won't actuallly discount his words, or apologize for them, might be of some interest since it is 2006, but I didn't really write about that either.

I'd rather write about how Webb doesn't have an anti-terror plan, or how the Webb camp is using personal attacks on Allen's family because they don't want to talk about the issues.

BDM said...

I have done the same thing with my blog. NLS is going way too far. I used to like the site, now I don't. It really is getting bad. I have a sneaking suspicion more people might close shop in the blogosphere.