Saturday, September 23, 2006

Does Webb know what his Campaign Staff is Doing?

When I posted about the offensive and contemptable post at RaisingKaine that said Allen's mother was hiding her Jewish Heritage because her father was a Nazi Collaborator who was imprisoned by the Allied Forces, I blamed Lowell Feld because he owns the site and can delete anything he wants. I also blamed Webb because since Feld is responsible for the site, and Webb employs Lowell on his campaign, we can hold Webb responsible for continuing to employ people who would do such things.

Now, Riley over at the A-Team reveals a much more DIRECT connection to the Webb campaign, in the post Did I really read this?!?!?!?:

UPDATE: It turns out that this post was promoted on Raising Kaine by Ingrid who I am told is Ingrid Morroy. She is the Webb campaign’s treasurer. Is there still any question as to if Webb’s people are the ones behind peddling this garbage?

Promoting is what puts things on the front page of RK, it is an endorsement of the ideas in the post as something worth reading. It means the post is something RK want's the world to read when they first arrive.

Webb's Campaign Treasurer is PROMOTING the story that Allen's grandfather was a traitor to his people.

Meanwhile, the Webb campaign staff is whining about the Allen campaign staff calling them out on their offensive tactics, complaining he is "unfairly attacking him". I've never SEEN a political campaign before where the press gave ANY interest whatsoever in what two campaigns said about each others workers, because it is simply assumed that they will spar and attack and fight and call each other names.

Well, if Wadhams deserves to be "demoted" for attacking Webb's staff about their tactics, what should the punishment be for a Webb staffer who attacks an 83-year-old woman? Or now, how about a Campaign Treasurer who calls a dead Jewish man who was imprisoned by the Nazis in WW2 a "Nazi Collaborator"?

If she isn't fired by Monday, it will be clear that James Webb has no problem with this line of attack, and he will be held responsible. Allen is held responsible for what HIS staff says, and it's time we held the Webb staff to the same standard.

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Mason Conservative said...

Sadly, she won't be fired by monday I'm afraid because nobody in the MSM seems particularly willing to do any sort of research into this, nor are they willing to hold Webb accountable for his bloggers that he pays.

Its clear that big papers like the Washington Post have no inclination in exposing Webb. But you can bet if a conservative blogger said something like that . . .

Well, you know.