Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Funny Political Campaign E-mail

From Barbara Boxer, an Appeal for the Michigan Senate Race:

Let's return Debbie Stabenow to the Senate and keep Michigan blue -- contribute to Debbie's campaign today!

I'd be blue if I Lived in Michigan, and had Granholm as my Governor, and Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow as my Senators.

Michigan Statistics:
Unemployment: 7.1% (tied for 49th worst)
Income increase : 3.2% (2003) (tied for 49th worst)
economic momentum: -1.45 (worst)

State Budget Deficit Increase: $7.8 billion since 2001.

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TGG said...

Charles, I actually disagree with both you AND Boxer.

Basically, she's wrong, and Michigan is not really blue. It's fairly purple. Apart from the Gov and Senators, the state is really quite red.

The state legislature is Republican dominated, has been since forever, and Granholm is the first blue gov in years. So it's wrong to pin the blame for Michigan's problems on her.

Blame the Republicans if you want (I would guess you would not want to) but also blame the long, slow decline of the auto industry. That's been the worst of all.