Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some big Allen endorsement anouncement at the A-team

Big endorsement, yada yada, blockbuster name, yada yada.

I've received my marching orders, and dutifully point you to the A-team for the latest.

I reserve judgment, despite my "speculation" that it's Jim Webb. I doubt Allen is getting endorsements from Dead people like the Webb campaign, but it would be ironic if James Webb himself "endorsed" Allen the way Webb's camp claimed Reagan "endorsed" Webb.

Update: wow, not bad: Senior Democratic State Senator Benjamin Lambert

I feel sorry for him. I can't imagine what dirt the webbies are going to throw his way. Actually, having watched them in the primary, I CAN imgine, and it won't matter to them that he's African-American, only that he is a 'traitor' to his party's blind lust for power.

Maybe my pointing that out will pre-empt their attacks, but I doubt it.

Update: Riley points out that while I might have seen a link at his site, the post is at the A-team. I've corrected the name on my link.


Anonymous said...

From the Washington Post on August 16, 2006:

"Six years ago, McCain, Allen and Webb were on the same side. McCain and Webb, both decorated Vietnam veterans, are longtime friends, and Webb endorsed Allen in his Senate race."

Wouldn't it be priceless if there was actually video?!!

(And holy cow that's a long word verification you've got there!)

Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

Actually, the post is over at The A-Team, not Virtucon. All my Allen posts from now on will be over there with Chad, Shawn and J.R.