Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Webb's stormtroopers stand down, look for new issue

With Allen's revelation that in fact the webbies have no shame, and no idea what they are talking about when attacking his mother and his family and questioning their heritage, the webbie stormtroopers have read the tea leaves and are beating the path of retreat.

Raising Kaine pulled down their big yellow Star of David -- I can't imagine why they ever thought that was a good thing, given that Allen has talked about his grandfather being imprisoned by the Nazi's, who used those stars to mark jews for extermination.

Ben takes a parting shot, summoning up the last bit of spin in his arsenal, along with some more jew-labeling. Ben doesn't think that people should be allowed to decide for themselves what their heritage means to them, so he still insists that Allen MUST BE "a jew", even though there is still no clcear evidence that Allen's MOTHER was a jew either by his definition, or by the more sane definition of practicing the jewish faith.

What kind of people try to label others based on their ancestry? Democrats. Martin Luther King looked forward to the day when we would be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. The Webbies aren't looking to good in the character department right now, having spent the day trying to pin racial labels on their opposition.

Allen has asserted his right to be who he is, without regard to ancestry. He's not embarrased or shamed by his heritage, he simply was raised to see that what's inside a man that's important. We know what is inside the Webb supporters -- the soul of people who want to force the "jew" label on a candidate because of his ancestry, and to label his mother a racist, anti-american jew.

One day they may understand the error of their ways, but it is not today. Ben closes with THIS piece of classless commentary:

I can't imagine those people that survived the concentration camps would be proud of George for moving to Virginia and intimidating others through his use of confederate flags, nooses and racial slurs.

Remember, Allen's grandfather is one of those who survived incarceration by the Nazis. I have a feeling the common bond is a little stronger than to be harmed by the likes of Ben, Lowell, et. al. and their smears about Allen's character.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't every person in the world decended from the 'Jews'? I'm from Va and I vote (one time per election, i'm not a democrat) in Va and I really don't care about any persons ancestors, I care about what the person has proven to be. Too bad the democrats can't or won't understand that. This slime is not coming from somewhere in the left, it's coming from the democrats base voters.