Sunday, September 10, 2006

The A Team

I wasn't invited, but a few bloggers I know got together and created a new blog specifically to deal with the upcoming Senate Race. They call themselves the "A-team", and their blog is HERE.

I added them to my blog list, and did some minor re-arranging, making a new list I called the "doghouse". A blog is in the dog house if I still frequent it, but I don't want to suggest my readers should bother.

I bumped NLS and TC to that list, NLS because he's been overrun by sycophants for the Webb camp, and because they have too much profanity. TC's there because they hardly post anything of interest anymore, so I might not even bother going there much.

I've added "i'm not emeril". As I explained a long time ago, my "blog list" is not really a "recommendation", nor is it a quid pro quo. At this time, it's all the blogs I read regularly, in one place so I can just click to them when I want to read them.

I've been working on joining the blog alliance, but I haven't done what I'm supposed to do yet, mostly because I am a terribly good procrastinator.

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