Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Mommy is a Democrat

A while back, a conservative write authored a children's book titled "Help, Mom, there are liberals under my bed". Much angst ensued amongst the media about how bad it was to indoctrinate children in this way.

Now, there's another children's book, not about philosophies of conservatism and liberalism, but simply about party affiliation, titled "Why Mommy is a Democrat".

I've already got a call into Ted Kennedy's office asking for use of the compound for a few days next summer. I'm sure we can all come up with other things prominent democrats would be happy to "share" with us. Post your thoughts, readers -- what do YOU want to share with your favorite democrat?

Biden's Ego, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Robert Byrd has a spare set of sheets he'll gladly loan out (so long as his regular ones aren't at the cleaners getting whitened.)

Henry said...

I'm sure John Kerry wouldn't mind sharing his ski chalet in Idaho for my next vacation. Or, maybe Al Gore will share his Nashville mansion for a visit to The Grand Ol' Opry.