Saturday, September 16, 2006

Do democrats have a plan for our security?

A look at the democrats plan for making us safe from terrorists:

First, the democrats are going to pull our troops out of Iraq. After all, when we went INTO Iraq the terrorists were not there, so we had no business going there. Sure, Al Qaeda is there now, and consider it the central battle in their war on our way of life. Obviously that's where the terrorists are now. But they weren't there when we started, so we need to get out of there.

We are then to apologize to the world for invading a sovereign country without the world's approval and support. After that we will take all of those troops, and invade our ally Pakistan, because a while ago Al Qaeda was there, before they all came to Iraq. The democrat will not ask for permission or seek a UN resolution, it's not their style (see Clinton/Kosovo).

We will not seek support from our allies before we invade Pakistan, a country with nuclear weapons, with our overwhelming force. Oh, and remember, that force is spent, worn out, and totally unprepared to fight anymore, according to John Murtha. And they won't actually launch this attack any time soon, because they will wait until every one of our 1.2 million troops have their own personal multi-million-dollar armored vehicle, because it would be unconscionable to send a single troop into battle without the absolute best protection, regardless of the cost.

Our goal in Pakistan is to capture Osama Bin Laden, no matter what the cost. Although the democrat leader Pelosi believes that capturing Osama won't do a thing to make us safer, it will be the war they are willing to have our troops die for. When we get Osama, we will be sure he has a good team of lawyers, access to the media, and all of the classified information we have collected about his network over the last 5 years. He will have all the freedoms our constitution grants -- except we won't let him have a gun. Even terrorists don't get 2nd amendment rights.

On the home front, they want to redirect the entire homeland security budget (because that's what it would cost) to inspect every single package that comes into the country, in our own ports. As a side effect, this should help our trade balance because imported goods will be so expensive nobody will buy them.

Lastly, they want to build some sort of imaginary fence to make sure all the illegal immigrants enter the country through their new illegal immigrant voter program and get registered as democrats.

Oh, and because they know who the REAL threat to our country is, they will continue their all-out assault on the major force of evil in the world -- Walmart. Also Coca Cola. And the Bush administration. And George Allen. And Ric Santorum. And Linc Chafee. And Joe Leiberman. And anybody with an "R" after their name.

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