Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Muslims for America endorses George Allen

In another blow against those who claim Allen is a racist bigot, the Muslims for America today announced an endorsement of Allen:

As an American Muslim activist, I am growing upset over the accusations that Senator George Allen is facing. Granted, the use of the word “macaca” was completely inappropriate, but I forgive Senator Allen for good reason. I have met Senator Allen personally, our organization has provided advice to his campaign, and I want to confirm it now and for all – Senator Allen is not racist; in fact, he is one of the Senate’s most open-minded and unbigoted leaders. Senator Allen has maintained an excellent track record of confronting major issues within the War On Terror, without having to alienate Muslims in order to do it.

So Allen, the Christian Jew, has a Muslim endorsement.

Personally, I was shocked that Senator Allen attended at all. After all, Senator Allen had just completed his work as the Chair of the Republican Senatorial Committee, putting him in charge of every Senatorial election that year; his work was most impressive. Republicans stormed 2004 winning a great majority of their Senate seats, despite being blamed for a lagging economy and deficiencies within the War On Terror. Most impressively though was the fact that hardly any Republican Senatorial candidates criticized Islam or blamed Muslims for our problems within the war. Instead, most Republican candidates stayed upon a logical message of separating the terrorists from Muslims and talking about the great advances that could be made within the War On Terror, provided that we continue working with peace-loving, moderate Muslims.

Obviously, such directives were coming from the Chair of the campaign, Senator Allen. In hindsight, there was only one Republican Senatorial candidate who openly criticized Muslims and that was Peter Coors of Colorado, one of the few Republicans to lose his Senate bid that year. When confronted with his management over Coors, Senator Allen was quick in letting us know that Coors was not advised to criticize Muslims, was told to apologize, and most surprisingly, Senator Allen himself said, “On behalf of Peter Coors and the RNC, I apologize to all of you for his remarks.”

There's more:

Most importantly, Senator Allen kept that promise. No Senator has worked harder to resolve the matters between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir debacle. Senator Allen has traveled to both countries, in an effort to create a dialogue between Pakistan and India that will lead to a peaceful resolution. His efforts have proven well, as both countries are engaged in a dialogue today that could lead to great peace.
We were activists of Islamic faith, with skin complexions of brown and black, and ethnic heritages that went beyond the American borders. Our appearance and backgrounds didn’t stop Senator Allen from shaking our hands, giving us his time, and working hard to implement our suggestions. A man of such nature is no racist to me; based upon his strong track record, it would be suffice to say that America, the world, and our Muslims need Senator Allen back in Senate.

Muslims For America proudly gives its endorsement to Senator Allen, in his 2006 Senatorial re-election bid.

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