Tuesday, May 02, 2006

VIrginia Election Results

Washington Post election results site.


City of Manassas City Council : Aveni, Randolph, Harrover win.
City of Manassas School Board: Brooks, Wundurly, Demeria win.
Manassas Park City Council: Larson, Kassinger, Bunner win.

Dumfries Mayor: Yohey Jr. wins
Herndon Mayor: DeBenedittis wins.

Herdon council not decided as of 9:38pm

Haymarket Mayor : Stutz wins.

UPDATE (Thanks, MOM): Vazquez, not Tobias
Haymarket Town Council: Shuryn, Sikorsky, Vazquez, Jarboe, Cole, Weir

Occoquan Mayor: Porta
Occoquan Town Council: Hardy, Walbert, Smith Jr, Dean, Konwin

Quantico Mayor: Gasser Jr.

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MOM said...

The results for Haymarket were initially reported incorrectly, might want to go to SBE website and get the revised winners.