Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fitzmas isn't coming this year.... Or is it?

Well, the Friday deadline came and went, and no Rove Indictment.

Then, the Tuesday deadline came and went, and STILL no Rove Indictment.

Days Flew By, and still not indictment? What happened to Fitzmas?

Well now comes the scoop, not from that unreliable "truthout" and Mr. Leopold, but from the King himself, the Wayne Madsen Report, which somehow Q&O beat me to posting about -- which is sad because this was my big chance to be on top of the story. Q&O did such a good job that I have almost nothing to add.

Almost. In a part not quoted over at Q&O, Madsen reports that:

WMR has also discovered that last year Rove, realizing he remained a lightning rod in the CIA Leakgate scandal, made preliminary plans to move into the private sector from the White House to take political heat off the Bush administration. However, as it became clear that he was in over his head legally and his legal bills piled up, Rove decided to remain at the White House.

As crazy as most of Madsen's stuff is, this one takes the cake. Rove was in money difficulties so he decided NOT to take a cushy multi-million-dollar job in the private sector, or to make $100,000 a pop speeches? People don't "stay at the White House" to make more money or take the heat off or help them out of legal trouble.

Madsen could be right, but he probably is wrong. His previous day's story was that Cuba and Venezuela both knew of 9/11 before it happened -- and they WARNED us and we ignored them. It takes a true leap of faith to believe that either of those countries would warn us if they knew of a terrorist attack.

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