Friday, May 05, 2006

Chapman Officially enters race

It is now OFFICIAL -- Steve Chapman has filed papers for the 50th district race. There are now two OFFICIAL candidates, Chapman and Miller.

The Potomac News announces Steve's candidacy, and speaks briefly about the scurrilous charges brought against him last year that have since been DISMISSED:

Another local Republican plans to compete for the vacant 50th District seat.

Steve Chapman will vie for the GOP nomination to run for the office, previously held by the late Del. Harry J. Parrish for 13 terms.
Chapman was indicted for allegedly lying about his address on a voting registration form, but the charges were later dropped.

Steve's Candidacy has been predicted many times by other bloggers, such as TooConservative. Everybody has a right to guess at the future. But as I wrote once in a newspaper column, what is important is what actually HAPPENS, not what people think might happen in the future.

Because, as Doc Brown so eloquently explained in the 3rd Back to the Future movie, the future hasn't been written yet. In fact, by predicting the future, you can sometimes change it.

So I'll leave it to others to "scoop", "predict", "guess", or "forshadow" what is coming up -- I'll stick to what is factual, true, and part of our reality.

In this case, it's Steve Chapman running for Delegate.

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