Saturday, May 27, 2006

Manassas Railway Festival Update

The Manassas Railway Festival will be held NEXT SATURDAY, June 3rd, in downtown Manassas.

My family will have a small train display, in the back of the Train Station parking lot. Stop by and get a lesson in building a train layout with Lego bricks, or just enjoy seeing odd-looking traings go around and around and around.

Assuming I've managed to set up a 10-20 tent, bolt 9 tables together, and put up hundreds of pieces of track and thousands of pieces of Lego, in a 2-hour period.

I have visions of completing the layout just about 5pm -- the time I have to start taking things down.

This has been a tremendously intense effort, made much harder by my inability to walk before late morning, and the general pain of moving around. Make it worth my while, come down and enjoy the fun....

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