Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 1 protest not just about jobs for immigrants

Watching the coverage of the various May 1st protests, you would think that a million people wanted nothing more than to be allowed to continue the hard work they do for America.

The truth is, many subversive organizations were behind many of the protests.

For example, there is this picture from the San Diego Protests:

Two Mexican flags (the MSM had such a hard time finding mexican flags in THEIR coverage). The banner on the right has the shield and map of Aztlan. The map shows several states, including most of California, as part of the country of Mexico. This is what the marchers protested for -- not jobs, but to take back "their" country.

See the meaning of the word Aztlan HERE.

As I said in my column to be published tomorrow, we need to separate the good from the bad. There are hard-working immigrants who want to be Americans. We need to find a way to get more of them into our country, while we remove the illegal immigrants.

But there are many who have no desire to be part of our culture. They want to take over our country, to expel the "invaders", to take back what was once theirs. They are invading our country just as certainly as an army would -- millions of people who want to overthrow our government.

And on May 1st, they stepped out into the light -- and most Democrat politicians, and TOO MANY republicans, saw them and said "it is good".

It is time to contact YOUR congressman and Senator. Remind them of the lesson of Herndon, and send a clear message -- our country is at war, and is being invaded. The FIRST job of the federal government is to protect the homeland, and no politician who shirks that duty should expect to be in office after November.

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