Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pro-Immigration Herndon Council Voted Out

Kristinn at FreeRepublic has the scoop:

Voters in the town of Herndon, Virginia delivered a stunning rebuke today to elected officials who opened a taxpayer funded day labor center for illegal aliens in the town last year. Incumbent mayor Michael O'Reilly lost to Steven DeBenedittis while five of the six at-large town council seats went to candidates opposing the day labor center.

Town Council winners are Bill Tirrell, incumbent Dennis Husch, Connie Haines-Hutchison, Charlie Waddell and Dave Kirby.

Only one of three incumbents on the council who supported the day labor center won re-election, J. Harlan Reece. The other two who went down in defeat were Carol Bruce and Steven Mitchell. Day labor center supporter Jorge Rochac also lost.

I bet thats 6 people who wish the elections happened before the May 1st immigration protest.

This is the beauty of local politics. If the politicians take actions that the people dislike, it is possible for the people to boot them out of office. It seems clear that the Herndon Day Labor center was NOT in the best interests of the people of Herndon.

We can hope that the lesson is not lost on other jurisdictions (such as Prince William) who may be thinking to make the same decision.

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A Citizen of Manassas said...

This is great news. The Manassas City Council should take note as well. They caved in to outside groups on overcrowding.