Sunday, May 07, 2006

Prophet Pictures - Bad, Burning Crosses - OK

Over at Virginia Progressive, Howling Latina has posted a picture of a Burning Cross at a KKK rally. The point seemed to be to link Allen to the despicable organization once led by people like Senator Harry Byrd, (Democrat-West Virginia).:

The Ku Klux Klan, maybe one of the folks Sen. George Allen thinks “gets it,” held a rally in the heart of Dixie to protest immigration.

Also, to suggest that people opposing illegal immigration are really racists:

Yep, these are the people who believe in the rule of law, no matter what; and race of course, has NOTHING to do with it.

I don't doubt that, for the KKK, race as a lot to do with it. But as the KKK has a small following these days, while 49% of Americans said they would vote for a candidate who "favors building a barrier along the Mexican border and forcing illegal aliens to leave the United States.", I imagine the anti-illegal-immigrant movement is more about the "rule of law" than racism.

But the true irony of this post is that, while using the KKK to smear half of america with the "racism" charge, the writer sees fit to post a picture of a burning cross on the website. A burning cross is offensive both to many African Americans, and the Christian community. Showing that picture displays an insensitivity to a good part of the democratic base, as well as a block of voters democrats need to win back to gain a majority.

I am certain this poster would not consider for an INSTANT posting a picture of Mohommed. Of course, you don't get death threats for offending Christians.

Using a burning cross for a political attack, and to help level a charge of racism, is certainly a crass act indeed.

Now, I'm not particularly offended by a burning cross -- for me symbols are poor substitutes for reality. But I wouldn't post a burning cross or a picture of mohommed on my web site -- especially not to score cheap political points.

Because I see no value in offending people simply for the shock value of causing offense.


James E. Martin said...

What shocks me is that only 72% of Americans would even consider voting for a gay candidate.

Charlie said...

i think you mean robert byrd

Tugboat Phil said...

Yes, it was Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), from my home state. Not only was he a member of the Klan, but recruited for new members.

And it is a given, in today's political climate, that Democrats may say or do anything that would instantly brand a Republican to be a racist. And the boot licking press corps will never breath a word of it.

Charles said...

Yes, of course I meant Robert Byrd. Thanks. Harry Byrd was from Virginia.

I don't think I've ever asked if a candidate was gay, so I'm not sure if I've ever voted for or supported a gay candidate.