Sunday, May 14, 2006

Some humorous reporting.

I'm going out on a limb here, because you never know what is going to happen and sometimes people really DO have the inside scoop. But for now, this just looks too good to pass up a comment.

Last week the left-wing "truthout" had a reporter who announced that a Karl Rove indictment was coming on Friday. This announcement raced through the left side of the blogosphere, with much rejoicing as Karl is the arch-nemesis of all who call themselves liberal. Chris Matthews on his show "Hardball" even announced the good news, I believe on Thursday night.

But Friday came and went, and there was no Rove indictment. What had gone wrong? Was it just postponed, was the information faulty, did something new intervene and change the predicted timeline?

According to "truthout", the answere is none of the above. Instead, truthout is reporting that Karl Rove was, in fact, indicted on Friday as reported -- but the indictment has been sealed and is being kept secret from everybody except the intrepid "truthout" reporter.

Now, on it's face this is funny. It's like there is this alternate universe where things are happening just the way liberals want them to happen, and that universe cares not a bit what's happening over in the real world.

In the alternate universe, the tax cuts caused a budget deficit, the economy is the worst since Hoover, Social Security miraculously healed itself such that it was no longer an emergency, and free prescriptions for millions of elderly poor is a horrible idea. Oh, and now Karl Rove is indicted.

Normally, I would be hardpressed to presume the reports were wrong. I mean, how often could a reporter claim something has happened when it hasn't happened, before he lost all credibility? But I'm not sure credibility matters in the alternate universe this reporter occupies. After all, in that alternate universe Howard Dean is still the saviour of the Democrat party.

I guess in the next couple of days we'll find out if, in this instance, the twilight zone which is the democrats alternative universe contained a bit of truth, or if, as is often the case, "truthout" is more of a guideline than a rule.

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