Friday, April 28, 2006

What Liberals Really Think

They say that Art imitates life. Television, on the other hand, imitates what it's creators THINK is real life.

If so, one has to wonder about the liberals who are behind ABC's struggling show "Commander In Chief", which airs I think on Thursday nights now. This is the show that some speculated was the left's attempt to "soften up" the nation for the idea that a woman could be President.

On last night's show, they wanted to deal with crime. So, being liberals, they chose what they believed would be the most obvious crime-ridden county -- one with a large number of minorities, Prince George's County.

To further offend those who liberals profess to be their base, they have the President show up at a local restaurant, where they serve Chitterlings and Pork Chops.

Local politicians are outraged, as reported on ABC 7 tonight.

Update: Among other things the residents are upset about:
  • President saying "To Greet some people, and try the chops"
  • A resident who shouts that they need "Mo' better cops"
  • Scenes of near-rioting.

Apparently that is what liberals think happens all the time in minority neighborhoods.

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