Wednesday, April 26, 2006

High Oil Prices Will Drive Our Energy Independence

Or, so says "Critically Thinking", my Wednesday Potomac News column. I've put the full text online at my column website. It starts:

Our government sees a problem, and is ready to attack it. I am speaking of the horrors of three-dollar gasoline. What once looked like only a momentary blip in the storm-ravaged summer of 2005 now seems to be back with a vengeance, with no relief in sight.

Through what was likely an unintended editing error, the last paragraph was dropped from the column. My last paragraph, as intended:

Three-dollar gasoline won’t make us stop using oil. But it’s high enough to make us think about it. For years OPEC has kept prices low enough to deter competition. Now they have lost their ability to manipulate the market, and that may be just what we needed to break our dependence on unstable and unfriendly countries. High gas prices hurt now, but may open the door to a better future.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the oil shortage in this country is self generated. The enviro-whacko's have stopped all drilling in the country and off-shore. I think it's comical that now Mexico is drilling in the gulf and "China" will soon be drilling off the coast of Fl. Did the whacko's win or did they make all of America a loser? I see the cure as a whacko a rope and a tree, some assembly required. Actually several whacko's and several ropes. Since they have 'saved' the trees, they may be one handy about anywhere you decide to use it.