Sunday, April 23, 2006

Was CIA Detention Center Story a Sting Operation?

That's what Captain Ed asks over at CaptainsQuarters:

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nuthouse wonders if the story on CIA detention centers might not have been a sting operation to unmask leakers at Langley. The possibility comes up because on the same day that the CIA terminated Mary McCarthy for her communications to the press, the New York Times reports that European investigators cannot find any evidence that the detention centers ever existed:

Read more over at his site. At the time of the first press reports, the Bush administration strongly denied the existance of these detention centers, and now investigators have found no evidence of them. They seem as missing as the WMD. But unlike the WMD story which led to calls for resignations, Dana Priest received a Pulitzer for his reporting on what may have been a fiction circulated in the CIA solely for the purpose of finding leakers like McCarthy.

The sad thing is, if this was a sting, it was a bad one, because the information damaged our national credibility with key allies.

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