Sunday, April 23, 2006

PWC Meeting - Come Early, Get Stickers?

James Young says the PWCRC is meeting Monday night at 7:30pm.

What he didn't mention is that if you come early, you may have your old stickers removed, and get new stickers for our current races -- Allen, Wolf, and Davis stickers should be available if all goes as planned.

I don't know if I should be announcing this, but since I've been asked to be there early to help with the stickers, I figure it's OK to mention. If it doesn't work out, at least we tried.

I have already removed all my stickers. I did keep my Bush sticker for a while, simply because it still made sense to support him during the last year. I remove loser stickers immediately, there's nothing as sad as seeing a car with a pathetic Kerry/Edwards sticker all faded and cracked.

A trick I use is to attach my stickers to the flat refrigerator magnets everybody mails to you these days (usually about 4-5 are enough, and you can trim them). Then you can slap that stickers on your car and remove them, and put them on the sides and front and all over the car.

I used to have a big sticker I would stick to whatever side of my car was facing the exit to any store I was frequenting, kind of like a moving billboard.

I still had the American flag from my Jeff Frederick bumper sticker until last week, when my bumper was removed from the car (I was rear-ended and the car was just repaired).

Anybody have any good bumper sticker stories?

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