Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hispanic Boycott "Downgraded" (some fear backlash)

When hundreds of thousands of supporters of amnesty for illegal immigrants took to the streets a few weeks ago, it was seen as a blow to those who wanted to deport the illegal workers and seal the border.

Even Senators like John McCain encouraged the protesters, asking them to keep it up to put pressure on the Senate to pass an amnesty bill.

But since that time, the political landscape has shifted. For example, Democrat leaders are calling for strong border enforcement (even though they filibustered it in the Senate), and polls show that americans are tired of the problem and want their legislators to protect the borders first.

IN the face of this new opposition, many organizations who were supportive of the various protests are now balking at support for the May 1st "boycott" of work.

According to the Potomac News:

WASHINGTON - An economic boycott by Hispanic businesses and employees on May 1 has been downgraded to a "partial strike," promoters said at a Wednesday press conference.

A disagreement among the immigrant rights leadership has lead to a reduction in the scope of "a day without immigrants," a general strike designed to demonstrate the economic contribution of Hispanic immigrants.

I'll admit a certain fascination with the idea of a day without immigrants -- I think a lot of people would be shocked to find out what jobs are taken by both illegal and legal immigrants.

However, I don't think that shock would be good for those pushing illegal immigrants. Most people who support amnesty do so because they simply don't have any idea of the scope of the problem or how many immigrants are around.

By labelling this a "partial strike", the organizers hope to avoid the embarrassment that might have come if the strike wasn't even noticed, or if it led to real problems or even violence.

But this is a defeat for groups that hoped they were building momentum for the eventual citizenship of millions of invaders who want to take over our country.

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