Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kopko's Op-Ed about the Budget Crisis

I didn't see anybody else post this, so I thought I would -- it's Tom Kopko's editorial about the budget mess:

Update: James Young notes that this may not have been published yet. I misread the e-mail which I thought said it was published last Thursday, but instead was submitted for last thursday.

Pending clarification, I've pulled the info.


The Washington Post Sunday had an article about how well Kaine's first 100 days went, and they had the audacity to say that he was trying to KEEP HIS PROMISE by pushing the tax increase through. Politicians can get away with lying if the 4th estate, entrusted with the truth, refuses to wield it because of partisan considerations. We need to keep the pressure on the legislature, because otherwise we may end up with another unnecessary tax increase, and another double-digit increase in spending.


James Young said...

Charles, a gentle chide. Don't you think that should be embargoed until Tom has the opportunity to have it published in the MSM?

Charles said...

I thought his e-mail said it was published last thursday. The e-mail said: I submitted the following guest editorial to the local newspapers this past Thursday

Re-reading that, I see it doesn't say it was published, it just says it was submitted.

So rather than take a chance, I have temporarily removed it from the post, until I ask Tom tonight if it made it into the papers yet.

Thanks for the heads-up, James.

James Young said...

Happy to help out. I hadn't seen it elsewhere, but I understand your mistake.