Friday, April 07, 2006

Blog Introspection 3

I've got a couple of big things I'm working on to post. One is an e-mail conversation that took place over the past week regarding a Brentsville District development project. There is a group of dedicated republicans who from time to time get into mass e-mail discussions about important matters.

I got the idea that their discussion deserved a wider audience. But instead I thought I'd post it here :->

Anyway, it's a bit of work as I'm going to add each e-mail as a comment. My hope is that when I invite them all to look, they will find the format helpful, and might use my blog for future discussions.

Anyway, after that I've got some prior commitments, and there's spring break with the kids, so I might not be able to post for a week or so -- although I'm sure going to try.

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